The Chefs meet Surf ’n’ Turf in this year’s competition
The 2 Michelin star Chef Georgianna Hiliadaki and the 2 Michelin star Chef Antonio Mellino join the panel of judges


The crews of the superb collection of yachts had the chance to shine and to display their skills and creativity in the culinary contest based on the theme of Surf ’n’ Turf, which proved to be an extremely close race. Within the context of creating a dish that combined both seafood and red meat, the chefs managed to impress the demanding judging panel with their flair and originality. Locally sourced produce from land and sea was utilised to the maximum and each dish demonstrated the wide variety of fresh ingredients available in Greece. Using a selection of seafood and fish, as well as red & white meat and even foie gras, there were several variations on the theme. Some dishes had a classic feel and others were more contemporary in style, but the judges were in accordance on one thing; the excellent level of presentation and expertise. Yachts participating in the competition also had the opportunity to enter the Tablescaping Competition in which the crews’ talents at laying an elegant and appealing table are assessed.

The judging panel for the Category A’ section of the competition included Georgianna Hiliadaki, award-wining chef and owner of the 2 Michelin star Funky Gourmet restaurant in Athens. She was accompanied by the 2 Michelin star chef Antonio Mellino, a seasoned expert of chefs’ competitions who knows exactly what constitutes a winning dish, and international broker Sarah Sebastian. Judging took place on Sunday 29 April, during which the contestants presented a medley of succulent dishes to tempt the tastebuds of the experienced critics.

Joining Georgianna Hiliadaki in the Category A’ Platinum leg of the competition were the broker Sophia Tutino and Mr. Maarten Janssen, both of whom have tread the culinary boardwalks on previous occasions in their roles as judges. The participating chefs were put to the taste test on Sunday 30 April and their colourful creations caused a delicious dilemma for the esteemed panel, who were more than impressed with the plating and innovative approach to this year’s theme.

Category A’

This category is open to yachts that charge a daily charter rate of up to 6.999 euro in high season. The chefs created dishes which perfectly represented the theme of Surf ‘n’ Turf and the best entries were chosen for their attention to detail, taste and overall skill. The winners were as follows:


1st Place
Yacht: M/Y Nashira NV
Chef: Konstantinos Vlantikas


2nd Place
Yacht: S/Y Nova
Chef: Sotirios Bempedelis


3rd Place
Yacht: M/Y Thirty Love


Tablescaping Winner

The winner of the elegant
Tablescaping Competition was:

Yacht: M/Y Nashira NV
Stewardess: Valentina Konstantinova

Category A’ Platinum

This category is open to yachts that charge a daily charter rate of 7.000 euro and above in high season. The standard of the dishes was particularly high, with reworks of the classic theme and contemporary touches reflecting international trends. The winners were as follows:


1st Place
Yacht: M/Y Option B
Chef: Andrea Vercelli


2nd Place
Yacht: M/Y L’ Equinox
Chef: Ioannis Venieris


3rd Place
Yacht: M/Y Martina
Chef: Dimitris Brinios


Tablescaping Winner

The winner of the elegant
Tablescaping Competition was:

Yacht: M/Y Dragon
Stewardess / Steward: Evelyn Rich / Dimitris Arvanitis

After two days of cooking, tasting and judging, the winners of the challenging Chefs’ Competition and Tablescaping Competition were announced at the farewell party of the 5th Mediterranean Yacht Show, which took place on Tuesday 1 May at Fougaro Arts and Cultural Centre. As every year, the tense build-up leading to the naming of the winners ended in a joyous celebration as they received the coveted prizes. AMC Metropolitan College, a Silver Sponsor of the show, also presented scholarships to the jubilant winners while Domaine Skouras, the prestigious Greek wine producer, was the main sponsor of the event, along with the award-winning 3Sixty Cafe Bar and Wine Restaurant.