4th Mediterranean Yacht Show:

Chefs compete for the best
'Raw food dishes using Greek products'

The 4th Mediterranean Yacht Show took place once more in the scenic port of Nafplion and visitors arrived from near and far to admire the spectacular line up of yachts present, reaffirming its importance in the region and creating an exciting event for all who attended.

The popular Chefs' Competition, which unfolded throughout the show, once again showcased the amazing talent of the crewed yachts and this year the eminent judging panel had an even greater challenge than ever before in deciding on who the winners should be in each category. With the aim of highlighting the diverse gastronomical tradition of Greece and the richness of its fresh produce, the Chefs' Competition is also the ideal way in which to exhibit the versatility of the creative talent of the competitors. From 30 April to 1 May the masters of taste endeavoured to impress the judges with their exquisite dishes in accordance with this year's theme of Raw food dishes using Greek products. Michelin star award winning chefs Mr. Ettore Botrini and Mr. Lefteris Lazarou were joined by Mr. Perikles Belitsos in having the unenviable task of trying to choose a winner based on the impeccable selection of dishes offered. For the Category A Platinum, the judges were joined on the panel by Maarten Janssen and Alena Zilayova while in the Category A event the judges also included Sylvie Romano and Laurence Provost. For the second year running, crews were also invited to enter the 'Tablescaping Competition' giving each yacht's members a chance to show their skills at decorating a dining table fit for a feast.

A tough competition from day one, the chefs who had registered for the event showed a deep knowledge of all that the Greek soil and seas have to offer, as well as demonstrating their amazing skills in creating true works of art on a plate. On the closing day of the show, the winners of this prestigious title were announced amidst much excitement.

Category A

The first category in the competition, which took place on 30 April, involved participants from yachts that charge a daily charter rate of up to 6.999 euro in high season. The judges agreed on one thing; that they were looking for innovative ways of reinventing and presenting raw food dishes using Greek products. The exceptional results caused the three gourmet gurus to have some difference of opinion but at the end of the day, they were unanimous in their final choices. Offering a unique take on traditional dishes with finesse and innovative techniques, the winners in the Category A of the 2017 Chefs' Competition with the theme title of 'Raw food dishes using Greek products' are as follows:


1st Place
Yacht: M/Y Suncoco
Chef: Alexandros Makropoulos


2nd Place
Yacht: M/Y Project Steel
Chef: Antonios Zafeiriou


3rd Place
Yacht: M/Y Aimilia
Chef: Nikos Pantechis


Tablescaping Winner

The winner of the elegant
Tablescaping Competition was:

Yacht: M/Y Suncoco

Category A Platinum

The second category of the Chefs' Competition, which took place on 1 May,
involved participants from yachts that charge a daily charter rate of 7.000 euro or more in high season. Once again the talented chefs pulled out all the stops in order to send the judges into a delightful dilemma of which dish to choose as winner of the Category A Platinum prize. After much discussion and deliberation, the judges agreed that there could only be one winner and cast their votes thus:


1st Place
Yacht: M/Y Martina
Chef: Konstantina Divoli


2nd Place
Yacht: M/Y Capri I
Chef: Dimitris Paidis


3rd Place
Yacht: M/Y O'leanna
Chef: Ioannis Venieris


Tablescaping Winner

The award for the best entry
in the Tablescaping Competition went to:
Yacht: S/Y Baracuda Valleta

Winners of the 2017 Chefs' Competition and Best Tablescaping Competition were presented with the prestigious awards at the wonderful seaside venue of Blue Sky at Karathonas Bay, which was also a chance for the crews to receive recognition as a whole for all their efforts and superb level of professionalism. The competition was kindly sponsored once more by Domain Skouras, producer of exceptional Greek wines. Also supporting the event in its role as sponsor this year was the award winning 3Sixty Cafe Bar and Wine Restaurant.Chefs' Competition 2017 Sponsors: