2015 Mediterranean Yacht Show Chefs' Competition

Took place during May 3rd and May 4th in sunny crowed Nafplion sponsored by Domaine Skouras;

Judges for Category A' were, Michelin Star Chef Ettore Botrini, Ann Casebourne and Emma Murdock.17 Chefs competed showing tasty and well-presented dishes within the theme!"A Greek islands' dish, based on local - original recipe".

Chef Ettore Botrini

Ettore Botrini.JPG

Stelios Petsas from S/C Nova has been awarded with the first price presenting his Kalymnian Spinialo.

Spinialo is the gourmet speciality of Kalymnos, an island famous for its fisherman and daring sponge divers. They naturally discovered a way to preserve seafood, especially pinna and sea figs that both take too much effort to collect. The delish creatures, once cleaned and salted, are preserved in their own seawater and usually kept in old retsina bottles. A bit of olive oil "seals" the precious content from air. The bottles would then be sealed firmly and kept in the fridge for months! Sponge fishermen would enjoy Spinal together with barley rusk, olive oil and lemon. A local treasure worth tasting.


Elias Roshi from S/Y Aegean Schatz has been awarded with the second price presenting his Mastelo Lamb.

The traditional cuisine of Sifnos island is prepared within the famous local pottery.

This roast, called Lamb Mastelo, is usually prepared at Easter in a mastelo. This is a conical clay pot baked in a Sifnian wood oven. Due to it's shape the clay pot keeps the ingredients juicy, which is why the food does not need any additional oil or butter. This method of preparation results in a healthier and more delicious dish; a purely natural and traditional way of cooking.


Stelios Arakas from M/Y Space has been awarded with the third price presenting his Red Mullet Savoro.

A traditional dish of his homeland, the island of Syros. Fishermen's wifes' had to preserve fish at a time that no refrigerators were available. A practice that all women of Syros used at the time;
They used vinegar as a preservative and rosemary as an antiseptic, to keep their husbands' supper fresh and eatable while away on long fishing trips. Fish was preserved almost for a week in that vinegar and rosemary sauce. That is how Savoro recipe came into being which also took its name from latin Savor, that means tasty!


On May 4th, 9 Chefs competed in Category A' Platinum, judged by;Michelin Star Chef Ettore Botrini, Paola Scalabrino and Claude Niek.All chefs presented excellency in their culinary art dishes.

This years' theme:
"A Greek islands' dish, based on local - original recipe"

Angelos Christodoulou from M/Y Ouranos has been awarded with the first price presenting his Rooster Lasagne " Pastitsado".

Pastitsado is a classic recipe from Corfu island in the Ionian Sea. Corfu has an Italian
influence, which is evident in the specific dish, whose story dates back to Corfu's Venetian occupation. The special "Spegierico" spices mix made all the difference in the final taste.


Giannis Papageorgiou from M/Y Duke has been awarded with the second price presenting his "Labriatis".

From the old times until our days in Andros island, the Easter dish tradition, is a stuffed lamb with local ingredients such as local cheese, herbs etc. All families from the villages prepare their lamb in big oven trays and bring it to the great wood oven of the village on holy Saturday afternoon. The most experienced cook undertakes to light up the fire from wood vine and put all the trays in this huge oven where he seals carefully with a bran and water paste until Easter Sunday afternoon.


George Kalavros from M/Y Endless Summer and Sotiris Courtis from M/Y O'Pati have been equally awarded with the third price!
George presented his Grouper with Okra
It is said that this famous recipe has its roots in ancient african cuisine and transferred to Creta at the Minoian Era. It is also known that in the Cretan gastronomy the combination of vegetables and meat or fish is a tradition. Many claim that okra is not a tasteful vegetable due to its texture but this dish is based in its special feature. Last but not least, okra with grouper is the official ceremonial food in western Creta, a plate linked with all the happy moments.


Sotiris presented his Fennel Fritters with Tarama and Ouzo.

Marathokeftedes (fennel fritters) is considered the specialty of the Greek islands and each place has altered the recipe adding local products. In Chios island a traditional fish place, fennel fritters are prepared with tarama and ouzo.
The Greek word for fennel, marathon, is thought to be named after the site of the famous Greek battle against the Persians in 490BC. The Ancient Greeks believed fennel increased longevity, strength and courage. Marathokeftedes (fennel fritters) in Chios island, are made with the addition of Ouzo, that Chios is worldwide famous producing it (local anise flavored aperitif), and with Tarama, consumed by the poor people, mainly made from cheap fish eggs.


Chefs' on both categories awarded with the first price, have been offered a weekend in beautiful Nafplion from Domaine Skouras!

I wish to thank all participants in both categories their creativity on this traditional theme was amazing!
See you all next year,


Amélie Panagakos
Chefs' Competition organizer